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Looking for a great career in the agriculture industry? Landis AG is looking for talented go-getters who are committed to our values of excellence and uncompromising quality.

Following is only a partial list of the many openings we are currently trying to fill.

 Many more positions are available and, of course, openings are filled and new ones open on a daily basis.  Keep in mind, opportunities may be created by your availability.

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Grain Originator

Harvesting Wheat


Seeking a Grain Originator to originate grain from local producers and to provide marketing education to customers and help achieve company goals.


Duties include:

  • Originate/buy grain by phone and producer visits

  • Explain grain marketing choices to grain producers

  • Educate/assist grain producers in the development of grain marketing plans and monitoring of producers open order accounts

  • Update grain bids and distribute as needed: locations, producers, website and app

  • Stay current on events affecting the market and Government programs

  • Communicate with branches on transfers of grain and organize and direct outbound truck schedules for all locations

  • Assist with newsletter publication

  • Manage grain offers

  • Build relationships with producers throughout the area



Three years of related experience required.  Ideal candidate must be self-motivated, dependable, & organized.  Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Great benefits.  Salary commensurate with experience $40,000-50,000

Agronomy Sales



Progressive Kansas Cooperative is seeking an experienced sales person to build relationships with producers, provide agronomy recommendations and conduct scouting for growers.  Great benefit package.  Salary commensurate with experience. $55,000-75,0000


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon

New opportunities open up on a regular basis.  Please give us a call and let us know how we can help you further your career in Agriculture.